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Garnet 3.0 Speedup anyone?


First, let me thank Bruno Haible and the others for their wonderful 
CLISP. It helped me a lot along my way to learn the language. Now I started
experimenting with garnet. I got garnet 3.0 from cmu and finally got
it to compile on my linux box. I am using the latest clisp binarie for linux
from ma2s2. Everything seems to work and I like the Idea of the Garnet 
System very much. BUT: Some of the demos and everything I try with bitmaps
is very slow. My machine is a 486/100 with 16Megs of RAM and usually it 
is quite fast. But in Garnet the Graphics objects follow my mouse very 
slowly. Generally the problem seems to be in the interactors somehow. 
Redraw events for bitmaps are handled in many steps. 

Has anyone used Garnet under clisp and can tell me if the speed I am 
seeing is just normal or if I did something wrong while compiling.

If it is normal, is there a free common lisp out there which is able to 
run it at usable speed? I would love to stick to clisp, though.