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Re: Garnet 3.0 Speedup anyone?

   Date: Sat, 24 Jun 95 02:50:05 +0200
   Reply-To: clisp-list <clisp-list@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de>
   Version: 5.5 -- Copyright (c) 1991/92, Anastasios Kotsikonas
   From: Aschwin Gopalan <gopalan@physik.uni-kl.de>


   First, let me thank Bruno Haible and the others for their wonderful 
   CLISP. It helped me a lot along my way to learn the language. Now I started
   experimenting with garnet. I got garnet 3.0 from cmu and finally got
   it to compile on my linux box. I am using the latest clisp binarie for linux
   from ma2s2. Everything seems to work and I like the Idea of the Garnet 
   System very much. BUT: Some of the demos and everything I try with bitmaps

I used to use Garnet, but I've found that Tcl works faster.  It comes
with the very nice Tk toolkit.  I have a program that lets a Lisp
(e.g., CLISP) process launch and command Tcl windows, allowing one to
avoid programming in Tcl's hideous syntax...

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