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RE: Garnet 3.0 Speedup anyone?

Thanks for the info about Tk.  The application using Garnet is SNEPS, a semantic 
network processing system.  One of their supplied demos using Garnet can't even 
update the graphics display at all to reflect the program logic processing.  (A 
smaller demo program ("If all men are mortal and Socrates is a man ... blah blah 
blah") was able to update the graphical semantic net display to reflect that 
reletively simple processing.

I'll reveal my ignorance but as I'm new to LISP and CLISP - what is ECL (?? common 
lisp?) and what is FFI?
Name: Thomas Gerard Provenzano
E-mail: us001513@pop3.interramp.com (Thomas Gerard Provenzano)
Date: 06/27/95
Time: 20:05:42

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