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Re: Issues for Multithreaded Ports [formerly: Re: cl-http for clisp]

ECoLisp (ECL), a derivative of KCL, has multithreads.
If you are interested, you can get it from:

 - ftp.icsi.berkeley.edu [], directory /pub/ai/ecl
 - ftp.di.unipi.it [], directory /pub/lang/lisp

ECL is based on a Common Runtime Support (CRS) which provides basic
facilities for memory managment, dynamic loading and dumping of binary
images, support for multiple threads of execution.  The CRS is built
into a library that can be linked with the code of the application.
ECL is modular: main modules are the program development tools (top
level, debugger, trace, stepper), the compiler, and CLOS.  A native
implementation of CLOS is available in ECL: one can configure ECL with
or without CLOS.  A runtime version of ECL can be built with just the
modules which are required by the application.

ECL runs on:

 - Sun workstations with SunOS 4.x or Solaris 2.x
 - Silicon Graphics with IRIX 4.x
 - NeXT with NeXTStep 2.x
 - IBM PC with DOS/go32
 - IBM PC with DOS/emx
 - IBM PC with Linux 1.0

-- Beppe