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Re: Garnet 3.0 Speedup anyone?

>>>>> "joachim" == Joachim Schrod <schrod@iti.informatik.th-darmstadt.de> writes:
joachim> But back to the topic: Bruno Haible has made available some
joachim> patches for Garnet that might make it faster. He wrote that
joachim> they concern the hashing code primarly. I must confess I
joachim> haven't looked at them, but perhaps somebody else might
joachim> report their experiences. 

Not much difference.  ;(

joachim> I doubt that CLISP
joachim> will catch up in this region by changing Lisp code, one hasb
joachim> to add type inference based optimization, more caching of
joachim> previous results, and native object code production.

Or add C functions to CLISP -- solely for the sake of Garnet.

Since the simplest activities in Garnet are slow, I blame CLX, and
wonder if making a CLISP-specific CLX module wouldn't go a long way
to making Garnet usable.  Any wisdom out there?

An Amulet module is surely more forward thinking.  But it is so
hard to let go...