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Re: Hello

> The current project is only a prototype, but I am also interested in using
> Lisp for actual flight code.  I am a bit of a lone warrior in this, as Lisp
> is widely perceived by people in NASA to be too big and slow for "real" work.
> My approach is, rather than arguing with people, to instead build working
> systems that meet all the performance requirements.  Towards this end, I and
> a student of mine (with considerable help from Bruno) have ported CLisp (the
> January 1995 version) to vxWorks, which is a real-time operating system that
> is one of the lead candidates for use on flight hardware.
I am not very familiar with RT programming, but I wonder how to use
a programming language that uses automatic garbage collection, like LISP.
Wouldn't be an important requirement for the language to support a
programming style that allows one to guarantee timely responses? 
Hmmm, just wondering ....


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