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Re: Hello / CLISP flying into outer space ? :-)

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Daniels <marcus@aristotle.icc.pdx.edu> writes:

    Marcus> One could write a batch program to unifdef the sources
    Marcus> (per specified platform), and build a "CLISP-lite".  Such
    Marcus> a tool might be helpful for people doing new ports.

A bit off-topic, but for me, the best thing for porting would be if
the comments in the code were in English---I haven't learned to
read German yet. :-)

But seriously, I had thought about making a few changes to clisp like
putting in the XP pretty printer, and making type contagion work ala
Steele, but I stopped because I couldn't read the comments.  Of
course, that's my problem, not yours.

In any case, clisp has been a wonderful lisp.  It's never crashed on
me, and it's reasonably fast for what I want.  (It was even faster
than CMULISP with proper declarations for some bignum work I was
doing.  Numeric work is only marginally slower than CMULISP unless I
painstakingly add all the appropriate declarations, in which case
CMULISP becomes faster.)