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Re: Plans for clisp, and pcl vs clisp clos


   >>The builtin CLOS system lacks some of the meta object protocol
   >>features.  PCL is complete, but big.  See chapter 28 of the impnotes
   >>for the lowdown vs. CLtL2.

  I use PCL + Clisp, but it's big and heavy.

  I want to use builtin CLOS but I have one problem.

(defclass window ()
  (( x :initarg :x :accessor x )
   ( y :initarg :y :accessor y )

After define above class, below redefinition causes error.

(defmethod x ((win window) &optional newx)
  (if newx
      (locate win newx (slot-value win 'y))
    (query win))
  (slot-value win 'x))

The error is :
*** - #<STANDARD-METHOD (#<STANDARD-CLASS WINDOW>)> has 1, but #<GENERIC-FUNCTION X> has 0 optional parameters

I guess this is due to lack of some MOP features of builtin CLOS.
I'd be happy if above error could be fixed.


  Is there anyone who uses CLOS which consists of 1995-06-23-Clisp +
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