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Re: CLOS bug? (Re: Plans for clisp, and pcl vs clisp clos)

   >>Tomohiro Shibata writes:
   >> > (defclass window ()
   >> >   (( x :initarg :x :accessor x )
   >> >    ( y :initarg :y :accessor y )
   >> >   )
   >> > (defmethod x ((win window) &optional newx)
   >> > *** - #<STANDARD-METHOD (#<STANDARD-CLASS WINDOW>)> has 1, but #<GENERIC-FUNCTION X> has 0 optional parameters
   >>Why do you define an accessor X for the slot X of WINDOW as you're
   >>going to redefine at least the read method immediately after?

  Thanks to all who informed me. It's my mistake to declare accessor
in the defclass declaration. However it can be accepted by PCL.

  This correction pleased me that builtin CLOS works fine to my program!
The features I found are :
	a. It loads CLOS programs much faster than PCL.
	b. It can't redefine the class.
	c. It doesn't allow to redefine the generic function which has
	   different parameters from the original.


  I hope Clisp will includes multi-threading facility.
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