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Hi folks,

Since last week, no real changes except for some packaging-related
changes and fixes.  I've built binaries for the following platforms:

   Linux ELF (Intel)
   Sun4m Solaris 2.4
   Sun4m SunOS 4.1.3

Unless someone finds a problem, by Saturday I'll copy these files to ma2s2.
In the mean time it is:


The `NEWS':

10 August 1995

User visible changes

* CLISP now supports the GNU gettext package.  Non-gettext internationalization
  support still available with "--disable-nls".  

* Self referencing symbolic links were not always avoided during 
  directory searches.  Thanks to Dan Stanger for pointing this out.

* Fixed a bug in XGCD which caused the results to be wrong with a small
  probability, for example in the case (XGCD 77874422 32223899).
  Thanks to Bruno Haible and Michael Stoll.

* Top level configure accepts absolute build directory.

* Top level configure now passes on --prefix to makemake.


* Repair of memmove-related build problem on SunOS/Solaris.
  Thanks to Bruno Haible.

* Fixed a bug in mips/avcall.

* arimips.s now assembled with -KPIC to avoid problems during incremental
  linking of lisp.o.