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Re: newreadline

   >>Tomohiro> BSD has both stream.h and filio.h but Linux doesn't.
   >>When I do a:
   >>  configure --with-dynamic-ffi --with-newreadline --build linux
   >>with 0623, autoconf makes the correct decision about the presence of 
   >>stream.h and fileio.h.  The package builds from beginning to
   >>test-suite without a problem.  gcc-2.6.3, libc-5.2.5, Linux 1.3.15.
   >>Tomohiro> Is there anyway to get over this problem?
   >>I can't see any problem.

I'm sorry. I didn't know that I had to use --build option.
I can copmpile it correctly. I'm goint to enjoy FFI.

thanks a lot,
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