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Re: new version now at Karlsruhe

>>>>> "Joachim" == Joachim Schrod <schrod@iti.informatik.th-darmstadt.de> writes:

me> Binaries (minimal distribution -- about 1.8 meg each).
me> and In: /pub/lisp/clisp/binaries linux

Joachim> Might this directory be renamed to linux-elf/ to make the
Joachim> contents more clearer? Many Linux users haven't switched to
Joachim> ELF yet, as there are no wide-spread ELF-based distributions.

Good idea.  I've changed "linux" to "linux-elf".

me> These files, and further work, will fade in and out of:
me> http://sayre.sysc.pdx.edu:8001/clisp

Joachim> Do you also have anonymous ftp access? Last week, I tried
Joachim> five times to fetch it; the connection always broke down. ftp
Joachim> is better suited to run it automated at night.

Sorry, except for ma2s2, I do not have anon ftp.  Until I get a CVS
server setup, I can put stable-alpha code on ma2s2.

Joachim> And I've got another wish: May anybody who has the most
Joachim> current version running, please try


Joachim> I've made an RS/6000 version of 1995-06-23 and would upload
Joachim> it to Karlsruhe if the above error is still in the new
Joachim> revision... :-)

The problem is still in the new version.  I'm testing a fix now.

Either way, I'm sure there are people who would want "CLISP classic".
The RS/6000 binaries are very welcome.