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Hi folks,

I've uploaded a first run at a win32 port of CLISP. 

If anyone has a copy of Windows '95, I'd be curious if it runs ok.
I've currently only access to NT.

Binaries are available as:
Diffs are:

For this port, I used the latest release (#5) of Cygnus' 
win32 gcc/binutils/library.  ftp.cygnus.com:/pub/sac/gnu-win32-b5

I haven't polished the build procedure perfect yet, so if you want to 
build it from scratch, expect some minor problems.

Readline isn't in the binaries because the Unix support isn't quite
adequate in the Cygnus library.  Bruno was so kind as to send me some
pointers to some alternatives, so maybe this will change.  It isn't a
total loss since the NT console has some simple history features.

Well, please email me if you have any questions, I've gotta run.