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"frame binding environments"

>>>>> "sahnny" == Sahnny Johnson <sjohnson@knox.edu> writes:

sahnny> I'm trying to load a file prepared and distributed to
sahnny> accompany the Russell and Norvig AI text.  I get the error
sahnny> message: frame binding environments.  What does that mean, or
sahnny> what sort of problem would cause that error?

Try increasing the amount of stack you have (with the -m option).
In your "clisp.bat" batch file add something like "-m 1000kw".

Something like:

lisp.exe -M lispinit.mem -m 1000kw 

sahnny> Second, how do I get back to top-level after a break?  (abort)
sahnny> doesn't seem to work (I'm working under NT here), nor does
sahnny> (help).  I can (exit), but then of course I'm starting over.

Control-z should work.  "abort" (no parens) should work also.

P.S. Are you using a DOS port or the win32 version?