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OS/2 Warp?

Has anyone succeeded in building a recent version of clisp on the OS/2 Warp
platform? I spent all afternoon trying but to no avail. 

After considerable hacking of makefiles and manually compiling the readline
library and lisp.exe, the resulting executable died miserably with 
segmentation fault and dumped core. I'm using OS/2 Warp (fullpack version)
with emx09a and clisp-1995-06-23.

It's not really important that I compile clisp under OS/2 since my PC
spends most of its time running linux anyway. I just thought it'd be
neat to have a recent clisp available under both of my operating systems.

Anyway, is it my setup or just that the OS/2 side of clisp development has
been allowed to lapse due to lack of interest? 

Dave Laplander at Northern Arizona University