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Re: Multiple Threads in CLISP?

   >>>>>> "Wilbur" == Wilhelm Burger <wilbur@cast.uni-linz.ac.at> writes:
   >Wilbur> Are there any plans/intentions to implement multi-processing
   >Wilbur> (i.e., shallow processes, threads) in CLISP?
   >Not as far as I know.  I've always been able to get by with IPC.  For
   >instance, via the FFI, I've used PVM (multiple hosts/processes) with

The reason I am asking is that we consider porting a Lucid application
written with Lispview, which uses one Lisp thread (process) for event 
handling, thus leaving the listener etc. operational. Without multi-
processing, this would require a major redesign I suppose.

Thanks anyway-