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Re: Multiple Threads in CLISP?

  Marcus: To me, LispView is not a reason to dive into this effort.  
I don't recall ever mentioning lispview.
  Marcus: Outside of ports of old software, and using IPC, I think the
	remaining utility of threads doesn't make up for the large amount
	of labor to make it happen.
I see much more utility than you seem to, and I hope that you're over
estimating the cost.
  Marcus: someone who really *wants* it should be the person to do it
I agree - the problem (I was hoping someone would suggest a solution)
is how to combine what I think is more than adequate demand, and even
willingness to expend effort, so as to get it done.  I'm afraid we'll
need at least a little help from Bruno, who probably doesn't want to
expend much effort.

  Marcus: I fear the `demand' for this feature is an artifact of a dated 
	and hopelessly deluded Lisp-centric view of the world.
OK, I even accept that my view of the world is dated and lisp-centric.
But this feature is desired by many who do not suffer these afflictions.  
I know of several threads packages for C, for heavens sakes!  (And if I 
know several there must be lots more.)

I'll be happy to discuss technical reasons that threads are worth while.
Perhaps the mailing list isn't the best place, though.

  Marcus:   o higher performance, maybe runtime code generation
What's this about, and how does it relate to better performance?