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Re: Future?

Phil Perucci wrote:
>   o Do many AI researchers use CLISP?  That is, does LISP code made 
>     available on the Internet generally work "as is" with CLISP?

Actually we're not AI, but we're (we being me and my supervisor and
another student and, for that matter, my supervisor's 3rd, 4th, and
5th year classes) using it for a symbolic computation package and a
numerical package for the Finite Element Method.  It's quite popular
around here (University of Waikato, New Zealand) as a small, portable,
free (;-)) alternative to the likes of Allegro and Lucid.

>     The comp.lang.lisp group seems rather dead (perhaps LISP is dying).

Well it's not dying around here.....

>   o Is Linux a good CLISP platform (my first experience, although I am using
>     SCO at the moment).

Linux is cool, and it run's CLISP very well, but wthen, what doesn't
(we also use it under SunOS, OSF and even a little under DOS

>     is balancing their checkbook using Visual Basic on Windows95 these 
>     days...

dunno about that---I do it on paper.....

> I am thinking seriously about turning my computer into a Linux server, and

Cool, it's lots of fun, and very stable for some time now too....

Richard Shepherd.