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Producing flow-charts (tree/graph)?


  Has anyone found any tools available on the 'net which make it easy
to draw flow-charts, especially of trees and graphs characteristic of
information/knowledge representation in Lisp programs?  I'm not looking
for a drawing tool (interactive) - I just want my output to be a little
easier to read than:

	(node A
		(node A.1)
		(node A.2))
	(node B
		(node B.1))
	(node C
		(node C.1)))

Any simple approach involving CLISP, Linux, X, postscript or Tex would be 
great, preferably with some sort of simple input language - for example 
taking above output and drawing the corresponding tree in postscript (or 
anything "graphical").

Here's hoping!!

 Phil Perucci ......... pperucci@access.digex.net ........ Systems Integrator 
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