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A tree-viewer (was: Producing flow-charts (tree/graph)?)

I built some new binaries for IRIX 5, Linux ELF, SunOS 413 (immutable)
Solaris 2.4.  These binaries have STDWIN built in -- so you
can run Pierpaolo's neat tree program.  :-)


Other than STDWIN, these binaries reflect the changes in the
current source snapshot:  http://sayre.sysc.pdx.edu:8001/clisp/clispsrc*.tar.z

User visible changes

* X3J13 vote <72> is implemented: all standard Common Lisp data objects 
  other than symbols and lists are self-evaluating. 
  Thanks to Pierpaolo Bernardi. 

* SOCKET-STREAMS are implemented.  See impnotes for details.

* Loop macro modified to allow sequential, list/vector-computed "FOR" values.


* Runs on Windows NT.

Other modifications

* Upgraded gettext support for locale name aliasing like with X Windows.