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Re: Mini benchmark.

I tried your benchmark with ECoLisp (my own implementation of Common Lisp,
which compiles to C) on a Sparcstation10.

I got the following times:

real time : 2.233 secs
run time  : 0.900 secs
GC time   : 0.883 secs

but adding a few declarations like this:

(defun test (n)
  (declare (fixnum n))
  (let ((x 1.0) (y (+ 1.0 (/ 1.0 n))))
    (declare (short-float x y))
    (dotimes (i n)
      (setf x (* x y)))
    (print y)
    (print x)))

I got this result:

real time : 0.017 secs
run time  : 0.000 secs
GC time   : 0.000 secs

-- Beppe

ECoLisp is available via anonymous ftp from:

 - ftp.icsi.berkeley.edu [], directory /pub/ai/ecl
 - ftp.di.unipi.it [], directory /pub/lang/lisp