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Sorry folks,

I know this query is not directly related to CLisp, but I'm looking 
for pointers.

While picking up CLisp I noticed it was on the same site as the draft 
standard for ISLisp. So I picked up islisp-114.ps.Z as well. I have 
had a small look at the standard and it looks to me to be heading in 
the right direction...

What I would like to know is..
  a) Is islisp-114.ps.Z the latest version?
  b) What is the status of the ISLisp standard?
  c) What ISLisp compiler/interpreters are around?
  d) What is the relationship between CLisp and ISLisp?
Thank you,

John Carter
Institute for Water Quality Studies. Department of Water Affairs.
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Founder of the Council for Unnatural Scientists.