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Building 0812 on Sun4 solaris 2.4 with gcc 2.7.0?

I finally got around to grabbing the 0812 version of clisp.  I also
grabbed readline and regexp files too.

I followed the directions in unix/INSTALL.  and ran "makmake
--with-readline --with-dynamic-ffi".  However, I could quite get a
totally successful build.  Here are some of the problems encountered.

1.  When adding the regexp module, gcc fails because explicit is now a
    keyword.  In particular, see clisp.h, lispbibl.d.  I got around
    this by adding -Dexplicit=clisp_explicit.

2.  A working lisp is produced after doing the above.  However, I
    can't add the regexp module.  gcc says:

+ gcc -O -Dexplicit=clisp_expl -W -Wswitch -Wcomment -Wpointer-arith -Wimplicit -Wreturn-type -fomit-frame-pointer -O2 -DUNIX_BINARY_DISTRIB -DDYNAMIC_MODULES -DDYNAMIC_FFI -Iintl -DLOCALEDIR="/usr/local/lib/locale" -I/apps/public/src/lisp/08-12/clisp-1995-08-12/solaris-gcc -DMODULE=regexp -c regexp_module.cc 
In file included from regexp_module.cc:16:
/apps/public/src/lisp/08-12/clisp-1995-08-12/solaris-gcc/clisp.h:2373: global register variable follows a function definition
/apps/public/src/lisp/08-12/clisp-1995-08-12/solaris-gcc/clisp.h:2373: warning: call-clobbered register used for global register variable

    The relevant line in clisp.h is:

register object subr_self __asm__("%g4");

    At this point I'm stuck.

3.  There were various other minor problems with directories, but I,
    unfortunately, did not write them down.

Any hints or pointers?