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Re: Latest version, compiling on FreeBSD

John D. Boggs <jdb@robigo.winternet.com> writes:

> I would like to get CLISP running on FreeBSD-2.0.5-950622-SNAP, and
> have 2 questions:
> 1.  How do I know which version I have?  I can't find reference to
>     version at all in any of the files.

There should be a file clisp/src/VERSION. If not, you have a very old
version and should definitely get newer sources.

> 2.  Has anyone managed to get it to compile on FreeBSD-2.0.5?

On FreeBSD-1.0.2 (or so), attempts to bring up CLISP failed.

On NetBSD 1.0 Beta, Douglas Crosher <dtc@scrooge.ee.swin.oz.au> did
the port and then fixed bugs in NetBSD's mmap management, in order to
get CLISP's generational GC working.

I don't know which of these fixes were copied to FreeBSD-2.0.5.

>     I get
>     as far as compiling clos.lsp in the "make compiled.mem" step,
>     and get a core dump.  I've no idea how to read core dumps, and
>     don't really want to learn just so I can use LISP on my system.

Recommendation: Remove the src/*.o files, add -DSAFETY=3 to the CFLAGS
in the makefile, and restart "make". Then please find out about the
least SAFETY level that produces a working lisp.run and lispinit.mem, and
tell Marcus about it.

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