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testing for a directory in clisp

>>>>> "HT" == Heinrich Taube <hkt@cmp-nxt.music.uiuc.edu> writes:

HT> Im porting a large install script to clisp, and I need to be able
HT> to check that a user has specified a directory that really exists.
HT> In ACL, GCL and MCL, I do this by: (probe-file "/tmp")
HT> 	#"/tmp" but this causes an error (!) in clisp.  How do I test
HT> for a directory?

In contrast to ACL, GCL, and MCL, CMU Lisp and CLISP require
pathname strings to have a trailing slash, "/tmp/".  Alternatively, you can use
MAKE-PATHNAME; use the list form:
  (make-pathname :directory '(:absolute "tmp"))

But you make a point: the CL ANS says that string arguments to :directory 
should be automatically be converted to (:absolute string), so
I will change this.  Thanks.