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Re: CLISP 1995-12-08 and NT

>>>>> "you" == Blake McBride <blake@edge.net> writes:

you> I downloaded clisp but had a hard time finding the above.  I saw
you> some tests for WIN32, but that was it.  Does it still require GCC
you> (in other words will it compile under Microsoft C)?

I used win32-gcc, but tried to avoid using the Unix-compatability 
features.  (ftp.cygnus.com:/pub/sac)

you> If it requires GCC, what version?  Does this version support the
you> real WIN32?

Last I compiled it with win32-gcc b7 or so.  I'm working with b10 now,
but since autoconf/bash isn't reliable enough, I didn't distribute the
changes.  The next minor version of CLISP will have another more unixy
win32-gcc configuration, as well as a minimal-assumption
configuration.  Not sure what you mean by "real WIN32" -- win32-gcc seems to
have DLL stubs for most of the stuff in my win32 reference book.

you> I didn't notice any makefiles or build instructions for NT (since
you> autoconfig whould have a hard time under NT) (although I was
you> looking for references to the Microsoft compiler).  So are there
you> any build notes?

After installing the gnu-win32 on Linux (or other Unix machine):
  configure --target=i386-win32 --enable-targets=i386-win32,i486-linux
  make install

And configuring CLISP:
  CC=i386-win32-gcc configure --disable-nls --without-readline win32

makemake --disable-nls --without-readline cross i386-win32 gcc > makefile

should provide a makefile to build the lisp.run for NT.