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Compiling CLISP on NT experience

>>>>> "Blake" == Blake McBride <blake@edge.net> writes:

Blake> 1.  I didn't understand Marcus Daniels' instructions since I'm
Blake> not trying to cross compile anything.  I understand that I have
Blake> to run configure and makemake from linux, but I want to do the
Blake> rest under NT. 

I'm afraid that procedure is not tested.

If you want to compile CLISP with gnu-win32, cross compilation will
really be the only option.  I haven't built CLISP for NT since about
version b5.  I know it won't compile on version b10 without some work.
I've done most of this work, and work in the direction of from-scratch
NT hosted builds, but the gnu-win32 toolchain is still fairly
volatile.  I didn't want to delay the release any more.

Tip: if you want to build the Cygnus toolchain on ELF-based Linux, grab
the bfd directory from a previous release or from gdb-4.15.1. The
library distributed is a bit too bleeding edge w.r.t. ELF -- it
won't compile.

Blake> 2.  I had many problems with the tools (make, bash, etc.) which
Blake> came with gcc.

Get in touch with gnu-win32-request@cygnus.com.
IMO they are making great progress.

Blake> 3.  lispbibl.d has a line which defines WIN32 commented out.
Blake> It is needed with the current gcc for NT.