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Re: No NeXTSTEP binary, error after building from source

I am trying to get or build CLISP for a 68040 NeXT machine running NEXTSTEP  

The directory binaries/m68k-next on the anonymous ftp site and mirrors contains  
no binaries.

I downloaded and built the current version (clisp-1995-12-08) but it gets an  
"IOT trap" when loading at the end of the make (see below).

Does anybody have a binary I can ftp, or a suggestion for building it?  I don't  
need the very latest and greatest, just something that works.




Rick Mohr            Internet: rick@atype.com
Archetype, Inc.
100 Fifth Avenue        voice: (617) 890-7544 x231
Waltham, MA  02154        fax: (617) 890-3661

venus> make
test -d linkkit || ln -s . linkkit
test -d base || ln -s . base
test -d bindings || mkdir bindings
./lisp.run -m 800kw -N po/locale -M interpreted.mem -q -c compiler.lsp
make: *** [compiler.fas] IOT trap