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>>>>> "Enrique" == 46775835  <efrias@kant.dcs.cie.uva.es> writes:

Enrique> Does anyone Know if there is a compiler from Common Lisp to C
Enrique> for Linux?

CLiCC -- a Common Lisp subset to C converter

ECL   -- A more complete implementation than CLiCC, but still intended
         to be embedabble.
GCL   -- GNU Common Lisp, uses C compiler as back end

Enrique> If you know a ftp-site where I could get it, please tell me.

CLiCC:  ftp.informatik.uni-kiel.de:/pub/kiel/apply
ECL:    ftp.di.unipi.it:/pub/lang/lisp
GCL:    ftp.ma.utexas.edu:/pub/gcl

Enrique> Is there any way of making an executable from a CLISP code?

If you merely need a way to make a program look like a typical
executable, you might try: