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[Message forwarded from Alex David Groce <adgroce@eos.ncsu.edu>.]

On Jan 30, 10:04pm, Josef Wainz wrote:
> Subject: RSX
> Can anyone help on setting up clisp in MS Windows 3.1.
> I followed the PIF instructions that came with the clisp readme file, but
when I
> start clisp using the icon, it gives me an error about not finding file.
> My PIF file looks like this:
>    Program:                c:\rsx\bin\rsx.exe c:\ex_sys\lisp\lisp.exe
>    Program title:          COMMON LISP
>    Program parameters:     -M c:\ex_sys\lisp\lispinit.mem
>    Start directory:        c:\ex_sys\lisp

	Try placing the c:\ex_sys\lisp\lisp.exe in the Program parameters line.
 You may also need to add a -Ra or -Rs60 or some such to the line for it to
work, if I read the error you got in DOS correctly.  (I'm not sure which, but
it's in the RSX documentation.  Haven't used DOS CLISP in a while.)

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