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Newbie os/2 install questions

>>>>> "Audrey" == Audrey Molsky <amolsky@osf1.gmu.edu> writes:

Audrey> Hi, I hope someone can help me with this: I downloaded os2.zip
Audrey> from the web page, but when I unziped it - the three
Audrey> directories that were zipped could not be created. 

Try the `-d' flag:

   unzip -d os2.zip

Audrey> Also, the
Audrey> readme file lists a number of files under Contents that were
Audrey> not in my unzipped directory: the emx files, the LISP
Audrey> tutorial, etc.

A volunteer was nice enough to put together the OS2 package.  If you
want, you can get the missing text files from the source distribution,
or I can email them to you.  Also, I'd be happy to update the www/ftp sites
if an OS/2 user would like to make an updated archive.  I don't have
acess to an OS/2 machine or I'd test it out myself.

Audrey> I then read the install file and became really confused. It
Audrey> implies that I must be in a UNIX emulation?

The included INSTALL file describes how to build CLISP from source.
The os2.zip file includes an executable and image so you
won't need to do that.  EMX is an extender that lets programs run with
DOS as full 32-bit applications.  EMX also provides a C library with some
Unix-like features that CLISP uses. 

Provided you setup of the LIBPATH for emx.dll, etc. as described in
the README, AFAIK it will work.

Audrey> What additional files do I actually need to download? Do I
Audrey> need to do everything listed in the install document? (The
Audrey> install document references a CLISP.ZIP, not the OS2.ZIP I
Audrey> actually downloaded.)

ftp://ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de:/pub/lisp/clisp is the
`official' distribution site for CLISP.  The files at
http://sayre.sysc.pdx.edu:8001/clisp are typically compiled from
alpha-level sources -- you shouldn't be surprised if you have problems
unless you talked about it with me first.  However, aside from some
superficial problems with the archive, I doubt there is anything really wrong
with the actual os2 binaries.