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Clisp question

>>>>> "MH" == Michael Hofbaur <hofbaur@fstgds06.tu-graz.ac.at> writes:

MH> Qsim uses the "Logical-Pathnames
MH> System" and the "Defsystem" from CMU. However the first one causes
MH> some troubles and my limited lisp- and Clisp knowledge does not
MH> allow me to get past this error. Maybe the solution is trivial,
MH> but I would be very grateful for some help.

In this package, there is likely a `WHATEVER' configuration for Common Lisp
implementations which include logical-pathname support.

Find all the #+WHATEVER [implementation has logical pathname support]
and replace the conditionals with #+(or WHATEVER clisp) so as to avoid the
logical-pathname emulation code.  CLISP has logical pathname support
built in.