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Can I call C functions from CLISP?

[Forwarded message from John Williams <jwwillia@watarts.uwaterloo.ca>.
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	Hello folks -- I'm relatively new to CLISP.  I'm wondering if it
is possible to call C functions from my CLISP (dos) program.
Specifically, I want to use some handy C routines that access my soundcard
so I can control some sampled .wav files.  Alternately, does anyone happen
to have some experience using CLISP with a soundcard?  I hear that
Allegro for Windows supports the MCI standard for audio and video, but
I'm doing initial work with CLISP.
        Another question, just to prove that I really am a novice: do I
presume that I will have to be running a C implementation to call C
functions from CLISP, or is there be a built-in interpreter?
        Thanks kindly,
John Williams