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Clisp on Solaris x86

I urgently need to compile clisp (1995-08-12) on a Solaris x86 2.4. I used
gcc 2.6 and 2.7.2 (as well as the Suncompiler, but it was aborted very soon).

After one week I managed to get to 

gcc .......  -o lisp.run   but now I'm really stucked. The compiler / linker abords with:

Undefined			first referenced
 symbol  			    in file
andc2_loop_up                       lisparit.o
.					.
.					.
subx_loop_down                      lisparit.o

All routines included from lisparit.c - arilev1.c - ari80386.c ....

I must confess, that I'm not much of a C programmer ....

The compilation of clisp on a x86 seems to be possible, because I heard that on the Wintertime CD for x86 (compiled GNU stuff) clisp is included. Because I need clisp next week and I've no credit cards, I doubt I'll ever get this CD. 

So if anybody got any help for me (or even the WIntertime CD) I would be very glad !!!


jan m. - jan@ifs.univie.ac.at