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>>>>> "Enrique" == 46775835  <efrias@kant.dcs.cie.uva.es> writes:

Enrique> Is there any way of installing in CLISP a controller for the
Enrique> errors, I mean, if it is possible to construct a controller,
Enrique> do something with the error, and return the control to the
Enrique> program without calling the de debugger.

Yes, read in CLtL2 about the Common Lisp Condition System or
chapter 9 the ANSI standard.

HANDLER-CASE is probably sufficient for what you want.  e.g.

  (handler-case (/ 1 0) (division-by-zero () 0))

Enrique> Is there any manual about FFI?

The FFI is described in `foreign.txt'.