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ANSI Common Lisp and stdwin

My questions are:

Does exists an ANSI Standard Common Lisp? I heard something about, but
I don't know wether a definitive standard exists, and, in that case, where
can I get it from. If it doesn't exist, where can I get the last version
from? What does it actually mean "draft proposed"?
What differences exist between cltl.ps or cltl_psfonts.ps (these are e.g.
at ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de:/pub/lisp/CLtL2) and dpANS-dvi (at
parcftp.xerorx.com) at "text" level, i.e. under the point of view of the
Standard Common Lisp? Please, if you cannot answer my questions, do you
can tell me who can I write to get answers? Thank you.

I got a package for CLISP from the Internet (tree.tgz, or something similar),
which says it needs `stdwin', i.e. a CLISP binary linked with stdwin.
What is stdwin, and what has it to do with CLISP and eventually with Common Lisp?