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Re: CLtL2 and dpANS2

   What is the `official' document about Common Lisp?
   Is it CLtL2, or is it dpANS2?

dpANS2 is a draft of the "official" definition of ANSI Common Lisp.
The real ANSI definition is probably not significantly different from
dpANS2 but I think you have to pay to get the "official" document.
However, Clisp is not ANSI Common Lisp.  Clisp is CLtL with some
(most?) of CLtL2.  If you want a description of Clisp, then CLtL2 is
probably a better source than the ANSI standard.  If you want a
description of Allegro CL then the ANSI document is closer.  Other
implementations of lisp fall in various places between CLtL and ANSI.
Most implementations currently under development (including Clisp, I
believe) are working toward the ANSI standard.  Only Allegro is
currently ANSI and even that has some holes in it.

   What are the differences about these two documents, from the point of view
   of the programmer?

Many differences.  See the texts.  The more important question for
programmers is "what is the difference between the various

I hope that helps.

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