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CLISP 1996-03-15

Binaries for this release are available for FTP from 
ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de in /pub/lisp/clisp/binaries.
Unless otherwise noted, these binaries are built with GNU native
language support and stdwin support.

  Architecture  OS             Subdirectory
  i386          Linux a.out    linux-aout
  i386          Linux ELF      linux-elf
  m68k          NEXTSTEP 3.2   m68k-next  (no stdwin)
  MIPS          Irix 5.3       sgi-irix53
  sun4c         SunOS 4.1.3    sun4-sunos4
  sun4m         Solaris 2.4    sun4-solaris24

Also available from http://sayre.sysc.pdx.edu:8001/clisp/binaries are:

  Architecture  OS             File    
  i386          Linux a.out    x86_LinuxAout_immutable.tar.z
  i386          Linux ELF      x86_LinuxELF_wide.tar.z
  i386          MSDOS          dos.zip   (in transit to ma2s2 `binaries/dos')
  i386          gnu-win32      win32.zip

Source code is available from:

and soon, by FTP at the usual spots:

Note that there is now another optional source archive,
"clispsrc-gettext.tar.z".  Translators may find NLS `po' files at

 [Free WWW browsers:
  Chimera (X Windows/non-Motif): ftp.cs.unlv.edu:/pub/chimera
  Lynx (terminal):  ftp2.cc.ukans.edu:/pub/lynx
  Mosaic (X Windows/Motif): ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu/Web/Mosaic/Unix
  W3 (Emacs):  ftp.cs.indiana.edu:/pub/elisp/w3
  OmniWeb (NEXTSTEP): ftp.cs.orst.edu:/pub/next/binaries/wide-area-info]

15 March 1996

User visible changes

* New variable *IMAGE-PATHNAME* provides the pathname 
  resulting from the `-M' option.

* Fix for GC bug that could occur during buffered string output.

* Pipes can use binary I/O.

* RENAME-FILE now does *not* result in an error if the destination
  file already exists (unless the system call results in an error message).

* PROBE-FILE and TRUENAME will not issue error messages if given

* On Unix, PARSE-NAMESTRING will not interpret a leading `.'
  as a file with a type but no name.  Instead, the file will include the `.'
  in the name.  Pathname syntax is unchanged.
  Thanks to Robert Morris <rtm@uun.org>.

* Changes to loop macro to allow for derived FOR assignments from
  hash-tables and counting variables.  Improved previous fix
  for derived values from list and vector iteration variables.
  Thanks to Francisco Martin <martin@sinera.iia.csic.es> and
  Russell Senior <seniorr@teleport.com>.


* DECstation 5000/Ultrix support updated.  Thanks to Bruno Haible.

* NEXTSTEP support updated (version 3.3).
  Thanks to Robert Murphy <robert.murphy@yale.edu>.

* The deema program is no longer used.  
  Empty macro arguments are explictly tagged as such.

* Win32 support split into a DOS- and a Unix-style sections.
  The Unix version takes advantage of the Cygnus gnu-win32 DLL
  to emulate a Unix-like environment, e.g. as there is a 
  `mount' program, there is no explicit support for drive names.
  As of gnu-win32-b13.5, NT hosted builds are possible, e.g.:
    `configure --build --disable-nls nt < /dev/null' 
  will autoconf and build CLISP from source.

Other modifications

* Support for tracking dynamic bindings; useful for further multithread work.
  Feature can be compiled-in by using -DDYNBIND_LIST.

* Top-level configure adds a GNU-like `--target' syntax for cross compilation.

* Non-GNU-gettext multilingual debugging binaries will no longer have
  inaccurate line numbers.

* GNU gettext support now distributed in a separate package.