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Pretty printing

1.  What is the status of clisp's compatibility with ANSI CL pretty

2.  I use some pretty printing code, i.e. code which uses
xp-code.lisp, formatter, and the format directives special thereto.
My code works under Allegro CL--without loading xp-code.lisp since
Allegro does pretty printing already.  When I load xp-code.lisp into
clisp and run my code I get errors signaled by the xp-code.  So, are
there any known bugs in

  a. xp-code.lisp,
  b. Allegro CL's pretty printing or
  c. clisp's interaction with xp-code.lisp?

The error is that -1 is given as a first argument to nthcdr somewhere
in the formatter.

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