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Re: xp-code.lisp errors in clisp and gcl

    bshults> I also want to use CLISP and GCL.  When I load
    bshults> xp-code.lisp into either of these lisps and run my code I
    bshults> get runtime errors signaled from inside the xp code.

    bshults> Has anyone gotten pretty printing to work under CLISP or
    bshults> GCL?

You may want to look on CLISP's ftp site.  In the contrib directory (I
think), there is a fixed version of xp for clisp.  Well, I believe
it's fixed in the sense that it passes the test suite that comes with

I don't think that will solve your problems with GCL.  I think the
test suite fails on 3 cases.  I don't know what the solution is.