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Re: upper and lower case code

Dan Stanger wrote:
> i have a program where a function is called with mixed case symbols
> for example
> (f 'And 'Holdall)
> clisp seems to upcase it.  it works correctly if i enclose it in bars.
> (f '|And| '|Holdall|)
> is there a way to have clisp recognize the case of symbols?
> thanks,
> dan stanger

That is because clisp is case-insensitive, and treats all its symbols as
uppercase, *unless* they are specified to be treated as special
characters, as lowercases, spaces etc. This is done by placing a \ in
front of that character, or surrond a sequence of characters with | as
you have done.

You can recognize the case of characters with the predicates
upper-case-p and lower-case-p.

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