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Re: (load-time-value *package*) not correctly handled in interpreted mode

Joerg Hoehle <hoehle@zeus.gmd.de> writes:

>   (let ((*package* (load-time-value *package*))) ...)

> What do you think about this situation?

The moment of evaluation of the form within LOAD-TIME-VALUE is not
precisely specified. CLtL2 and dpANS are explicitly vague about this.

You should use one of the alternatives

     (let ((*package* '#,*package*)) ...)


(defparameter current-package-at-load-time *package*)
     (let ((*package* current-package-at-load-time)) ...)

Both work in CLISP. Since #, has been removed from ANSI CL, the second
alternative is probably the most portable one.