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A new release of CLISP is available for FTP at
ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de in /pub/lisp/clisp.

There are no significant new features in this release.
All changes were either for bugs or for portability.

Binaries have been prepared for:
  Mips / Irix 5.3
  m68k / NEXTSTEP 3.2
  Sparc / SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.4
  x86 / DOS, Linux a.out & ELF

17 April 1996

User visible changes

* EXECUTE now returns the exit status of the subprocess.  Thanks to
  Bruno Haible and Brian F. Dennis <xjam@CS.Berkeley.EDU>.

* Fixed a bug in the compiler:  MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND failed to work when 
  given non-function forms.  Thanks to Paul Graham <pg@das.harvard.edu>.

* TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME now accepts logical-pathname namestrings.
  Thanks to Don Cohen <don@nichimen.com>

* Logical-pathname translation was broken under DOS.
  Thanks to Don Cohen <don@nichimen.com>.
* Cross compiler was non-functional.
  Thanks to Don Cohen <don@nichimen.com>.

* Fix for bug introduced in last loop macro change.  
  Thanks to Ken Olum <kdo@mit.edu> for reporting this right away.

Other modifications

* Upgraded to autoconf 2.9.

* Upgraded to gettext-0.10.12.


* cygwin32 support updated for gnu-win32-b14.

* SINIX support updated.  Thanks to Michael Becker <mb12@coconet.de>.