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(Fwd) Problem installing clisp for OS2

Dear Fellow Worldwide Members of the CLISP-LIST: 
I just subscribed yesterday and I am not sure of the etiquette to be
followed in getting assistance from the group.  I'm aware that this is
going to everyone but this is a legit question and problem and I'm not
trying to sell anything.  I emailed this to Bruno Haible yesterday but I'm
not sure whether he has time to answer every inquiry that comes his way. 
Hoping for your assistance:  
>----- Forwarded message (flogger_d@usa.pipeline.com (bruce s. irvine))
Sehr geherte Doktor:  
I'm having a problem installing clisp for OS2.  I'm not really sure how 
serious a problem it is as I have not really progressed past installation. 

It does appear to execute and the LISP prompt comes up.  Here is a 
description of my system:  
80386DX 40Mhz 8 M Memory, OS/2 V3  
Here is what happened:    
I DID edit the short-site-name and long-site-name in the config.lsp  
I just put my U.S.A. address in place of your address.  I then edited the 
timezone definition to show "Eastern-US" which is the time zone within 
which I live.  Saved both files and rebooted.  
Went to the OS/2 command prompt.    
Typed:   lisp.exe -M lispinit.mem    CR  
LISP prompt appeared after the Copyright and a menorah.  
Typed (compile-file "config")   CR  
Appeared a line to the effect that config.lsp was being compiled.  
Then appeared an error message as follows:  

(C:\PROGLANG\CLISP-OS is the directory housing all of the clisp files on my

Next line:  ILLEGAL CHARACTER #\Code26  
(I was now in the debugger (1. BREAK >  ) )  
I had difficulty understanding how to use the debugger commands but I typed

"BACKTRACE"    Result:  
EVAL frame for form (COMPILE-FILE "config")  
The clisp version I have is dated 1994-08-27.  
Hopefully you have seen this problem before and can give me a prompt and 
simple answer.  I am not sure how serious the problem is as I wrote earlier

because I stopped at that step of the installation.  I did try some work 
after I aborted out of the debugger and at least the simple things I tried 
evaluated correctly and had the correct side effects.  
I would appreciate it if you would also cc your response to:  
bsirvine@mailbox.syr.edu and  
Gruess Gott.  
Bruce S. Irvine  
Thank you for your assistance in advance. 
Bruce S. Irvine