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clisp/linux installation ?

>>>>> "Roman" == Roman Yangarber <roman@SAPIR.CS.NYU.EDU> writes:

Roman> 2) i downloaded the file from binaries/linux-aout.  should i
Roman> have perhaps been using linux-elf ?  actually i don't know what
Roman> -elf is; does it have anything to do with emacs ?

ELF is the Executable Linkable format used with newer GNU/Linux
systems.  One way to tell ELF and a.out apart is that linux-aout
symbols will have a "_" prefix and ELF symbols will not.  The symptom
you describe suggests that your installed runtime is ELF based.

Roman> 3) i intend to port my Garnet code to CLISP.  can i use the
Roman> generic distribution of Garnet from CMU or must i be using the
Roman> Garnet provided at your Karlsruhe site ?

You need to do a bit of package renaming in order to load Garnet.  
The file http://sayre.sysc.pdx.edu:8001/clisp/tweaks/garnet-loader.lisp
does this.  Other than that, I had no problems with the generic Garnet
3.0 distribution from CMU (plus their patches).

It should just be a matter of building CLX (from ma2s2), starting
CLX with clisp -M clx.mem, loading garnet-prepare-compile.lisp into
CLISP, loading this modified garnet-loader.lisp into CLISP (first check the
paths in this file, e.g. Your-Garnet-Pathname), and then loading
garnet-compile.lisp.  When it is all loaded you do a 

  (in-package :common-lisp-user)
  and then a
  (opal:make-image "garnet.mem").  

Garnet can then be restarted with clisp -M garnet.mem.