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CLISP installation on FreeBSD-486 machine

	After I untarred  "clisp.tgz", then I installed as follow :-

1) cc lisp.a -L. -lreadline -ltermcap -o lisp.run

	which gave me  "lisp.run"

2) lisp.run -M lispinit.mem

	this gave me an error as follow :-

Cannot map memory to address 536870912 . errno = 9
lisp.run: Not enough memory for Lisp.

My machine uses "Conner Pheripherals 1275MB-CFS1275A" disk drive. Is this
the problem that this CLISP cannot see more than 536,870,912 bytes ?

I have installed "ADA". It works fine. 

	What do I have to do, please?