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I'm getting confused by the behaviour of INTERACTIVE-STREAM-P, 
I'm trying to use it in the following manner

(if (interactive-stream-p *error-output*)
  ... output progress messages)

However, it is always saying *error-output* is interactive, even when I
redirect to a file or pipe, ie,

	clisp -x '(interactive-stream-p *error-output*)' >& foo

puts T into the output file. I get the same result when I use *standard-output* or
*terminal-io* too.

If I do
	(setf *error-output* (open "foo" :direction :output))
	(interactive-stream-p *error-output*)
I get NIL, as expected.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm running 17April96 version compiled (by me) for Solaris2.5.

I notice the NEWS file contains the 22June1994 comment
* The function INTERACTIVE-STREAM-P knows that if the terminal stream is
  referring to a regular file (via input redirection) it is not interactive.
Implying that it should work.

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