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Re: documentation about creating modules?

Joerg Hoehle <hoehle@zeus.gmd.de> writes:

> Am I mistaken or is the only "documentation" about how to contruct a
> module found by looking at existing modules,

You are right. This doc has not been written yet.

> e.g.	src/stdwin.d
> 	contrib/wildcard.tar.z
> 	contrib/regexp.tar.z

Don't look at contrib/wildcard.tar.z and contrib/regexp.tar.z, they are
old and predate the FFI.

> The file doc/modules.txt just explains how to link modules on UNIX,
> not how to create them.

Look at clispsrc-wildcard.tar.z and clispsrc-regexp.tar.z. The preferred
way to write CLISP modules (real modules, which can be linked to a
complete lisp.a without recompiling) is to use the FFI. So, in your
module, you include
  - the .c/.h source of your module,
  - a .lsp file with def-c-call-out declaration,
  - a .lsp file with higher level functionality,
  - documentation,
  - a link.sh file which defines some parameters, described in modules.txt.

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