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NetBSD 1.2?

	I'm running a NetBSD 1.2_beta system on a i486.

	I picked up the latest version of both clisp-source and
	clisp-source-haible; both woudl compile out of the box, but
	when they get into the phase of compilation where they are
	loading the src/*.lsp files I get a segfault ("cannot be
	cured" type error). Specifically, the file "places.lsp" file
	is causing it. If I go through and cut away the latter half
	of the places.lsp file (for amusement :P), other files cause
	a segfault as well..

	Has anyone gotten clisp to work under a recent version of NetBSD?
	I've got an old clisp ('94 version) that I compiled on NetBSD 1.0,
	and it works under my current system, but of course I would prefer
	to upgrade to a newer clisp.

	I could make a formal report if so needed.


	Additionally; How good is CLiCC and other CLOS->C 'compilers'?
	I am considering (again, for amusement :P) writing a MUD in
	lisp. I've already done the work in C, and thought it woudl be
	a kick to do it in lisp, for learning sake. Given that muds
	need to be fast, is this even worth attempting (aside from the
	academic point of view). I also need access to sockets (and
	it would appear clisp supports this via streams) and preferably
	ioctl and other fun system calls. Any of that included, or need
	I make a ffi set for it?

	Jeff, of the many questions :)

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