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follow up

	A brief followup to my previous posting.. I just tried to compile 
clisp (latest /source), on my i486 NetBSD 1.2_beta at home, and got the 
same problem as the other machine; Guess I'll try the NetBSD1.1 patches 
(shiver). Anyway, the exact display is as follows, if it matters..

;; Loading file defseq.lsp ...
;; Loading of file defseq.lsp is finished.
;; Loading file backquot.lsp ...
;; Loading of file backquot.lsp is finished.
;; Loading file defmacro.lsp ...
handle_fault error1 !
*** - SIGSEGV cannot be cured. Fault address = 0x605C.
Bus error - core dumped
*** Error code 138

	Using gcc with -traditional, using gcc 2.6.3.


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